Official Mosconi Cup thread

Van Boening jump shots are insane.

The Greek fucks up again

That Greek cunt is woeful, terrible team selection yet again tonight no Shaw in singles a joke.

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Must win for Filler here, 2 points for Europe in these last couple of games would set up a brilliant final day.

Filler is on a different level altogether in the singles.

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He is some cocky cunt

He is but he’s well able to back it up, He has destroyed SVB again here tonight.

Need to win this or it’s a big ask from 3 back I think.

Europe will need to win every single game tomorrow if they lose this :see_no_evil:

This is a cracking final game, if Europe can win this rack to make it 3 all then huge pressure on the Americans.

4-2 America, rotten luck for Fiejn with a dirty scratch ball after a great pot.

Ah what a fucking shot!!!

4-3 with Europe to break…

4-4 It’s double hill for the biggest rack of the tournament so far, unbelievable pool here!! USA to break.

Lovely break for the Yanks should be the match bar a huge error…


Thorpe with the shot of the tournament and then Bergman misses the 7!!!