Official Netherlands supporter thread

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Lets smash these papist swinebags.

Nice Dutch lady. Great stuff :clap:

Our leader - King Billy - likes the lady and he loves the Netherlands

My 2nd choice v my 3rd choice. But still I feel empty and utterly bereft that my beloved homeland will not be there. While I would be happy for the Dutch to prevail in most other circumstances, my Catalonian blood means I shall be supporting our next door neighbours, who have obtained the use of our players for this tournament. However I wish the Dutch no specific harm and hope that football is the winner. I am sure it will be.

Wasn’t Billy a raving homosexual?

I wish all my friends in Holland all the very best for the game on Sunday

Hurl well Meneer’s Schneider en Robben and never mind the ball

Sorry England didnt make it this time buddy.

Anyway - Amsterdam a great place for a weekend

Sarcasm detector on?

Anyway he was a great general. That is all that matters. He smashed West Brits and Oirish monarchists to pieces in a river in Meath. For that we should always be thankful.

Here is he saluting the boys ahead of the big game

Billy was a poofter

The Netherlands = pretend Germany

Viva Espana

(I will qualify this by saying that Dutch women are amazing, the Dutch WAGS are outstanding)

Another great Dutch supporter and wrote a fantastic book by all accounts.

My favourite Dutchman after Mark Van Bommel, Dutch World champion and all round nice guy, Barney, showing what it means to be in the World Cup final.

Let us see the Papist spics put a menu like this together

Who is blaming Van der Vaart for not getting the finger out? Not me. Sylvie - a great supporter and a lovely lady.

There’s more papists than any other religion in the Netherlands honey.

He’s some fucking mong. over in Oz, spend alot of time on here boasting about things he got right, but didn’t, supporting a team he has no real connection with whatsoever. Totally mixed up about their religious persuasion (while they may be more of one sort than another, i found most Dutch to be very non religious). Lying about games he watched blaa blaa blaa.

Go get a job and don’t be a fucking waster in your 3rd country already. Still probably living off the money you got for being a useless asshole over here, or else its mommy. You sicken me.

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buddy I think you have issues. This is your psychiatrist calling. You need help.

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would prefer a good catholic country like holland beat the imperialists

Hon the Dutch

unfair to single the lad out for this carry on, half the board are at this shit and i could be wrong but some even see it as funny.

I believe i mentioned in another thread some of the other idiots at it. Its fairly retarded alright, and sad for 30 odd year olds to be going on like that.

what teams have you or kev connections with? your county? spare me the bullshit-the county is an artificial area drawn up by the brits to administror their colony- is that what defines you? a line on the map drawn up by a british civil servant 300 years agon to colonise you? idiotic shit-

I on the other hand am Italian & Fingalian