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You just don’t get it fella.

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Well explain it to me so

The number on the birth cert is irrelevant.

But I really just wanted to do the you just don’t get it bit.


Bio - Banding, not sure they’ve fully embraced the concept.

In the top picture, the Clare fella 3 rd from left would ate most lads there physically in particular the 2nd and 6th from left on the Limerick side.

I’ve seen it firsthand tbh. Physical can still appear to dominate skill at that age which can potentially smoother development of the smaller, skilled kid

If they’re still around and playing

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Yep, that’ the main point, especially at elite level. Lads just give up tring to make it. By the time they physically mature they are already out of the system

There aren’t that many little lads with buckets of skill being lost. The skills levels and speed of execution of skills just isn’t good enough. Big and small.


Look at the date of births of inter county hurlers or soccer players. Way over half in the first 4 months of the year


I disagree with this. There’s still plenty of players coming through to inter county without ever being in the academy system.

Yeah yeah Fionn, you short arse

This is class.


That could easily have gone in the people who have been mugged off threat. I dont follow the movement coach, but I would presume he informed Harjiv that he just doesnt get it?

Ah, there it is

Alan Partridge GIF by Digital DJ Tips


I read the initial tweet yesterday and had a laugh at him for explaining it for us simple folk, but that follow up is superb.


There couldn’t be a bigger contrast between two pods than that of the Examiner hurling and examiner football podcast.

Serious levels of analysis this week. Jim McGuinness well worth a listen. Few nuggets in there

Shur there’s no tactics in hurling so where would you start analysing it tactically?? A football fella came in and started doing a few tackling drills with some Limerick hurlers and he turned them into the greatest team of all time :man_shrugging:

And mick dempsey built kilkenny

Who in limerick?

Shur all he did was get the fuckers fit