Official TFK GAA Coaches Corner

How did you get 116?
It’s as bad an info chart as I have ever seen.

It’s confusing alright if he took the junior and intermediate out of it, it would simplify things a bit.

306 played senior.
190 played minor 20s and senior.
So 116 didn’t play either minor or 20s, they might have played one or the other.

The big one for me is 518/762 or 68% of players who play 20/21s don’t play senior.
80% of Minors don’t play seniors, but that doesn’t surprise me at all really.

198 played minor and senior so a further 8 who skipped past u21/20

Geez, i dunno. Thats a huge figure. System surely not working properly if only developing 1 in 5 to come through.

I don’t think it is. Sure there are only 15 places on a senior team. There are 30 minors every single year. There is not room for anymore than 1 in 5.


Hadnt thought of that.