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I want more GAA Clubs, or develoo ones already there, maybe neighbpuring Crokes et al.

While developing that develop it with a community outlook.

Re-zone clubs. Spread the wealth a bit.

If developing a new club in a growing suburb, make them community responsible.


I know you do and thats a noble aim. You just dont accept that finding somewhere for these clubs to develop is an issue. I think it might be.


It’s difficult Kev to charge going into a community field for a gaa match. If the community built and paid for it they’ll often not allowed to put up sponsors signs etc. If the community own it the Gaa can’t stop people going into it.



In otger countries soccer pitches land in the middle of NFL, AFL, Rugby or GAA pitches.

I want to take away the power of the gaa in these places. I don’t believe the GAA (Croke Park) is doing its job.
Lically the GAA is outstanding. But not the other way around.
It should be top down and bottom up.

Thats a good organisation.


Kev, you make it sound so simple.


And ye lads make it sound inpossible.

Its in the middle.

Of course it would be hard.

But so what.

It will haplen in some form eventually.

Ireland is changing alot


@caoimhaoin can only see solutions, whilst others only see problems, he’s a born winner, I love that mentality and way of thinking. You are wasted in Ireland kev, people like you and me are stifled by begrudgery and negativity there


Appreciate the kind words tassotti.

But one needs help


I’d love to see you as Taoiseach and @caoimhaoin as the director general of the gaa.


Tourism would go thru the roof


Big game now in the morning. U14 county semi final against the raging hot favourites to win it out. Down a couple of players too but I’ve a good feeling that there is a massive performance in this bunch and I’m quietly confident.


Won by a point. Savage performance.


Are you treating them to a burger and chips in the local chipper?


They’ve nothing won yet


Shite, thought it was a final!


Well done boy. The underdog wins are nice


Great stuff. Delighted for you.


Quarter final this weekend and our chances of winning the championship have taken a severe blow with the loss of our star player and our most physically powerful player both picking up season ending injuries playing Gaelic football.

We still have a chance of winning the championship as we have a well organised aggressive set of backs but out scoring power and ball winning has taken a massive hit which might impede us in a tight game on a soft pitch


County final fixed for the morning, right in the middle of the forecast storm. County Board are adamant it will still go ahead.

Side we are up against were well beaten in the group stages by the team we beat last weekend. I slightly fear a bit of complacency in our lads after such a huge performance last weekend. We are physically a pretty strong team down the middle but by all accounts so are they and I’m going to have to leave a county player on the bench as he opted to play soccer over the semi final last weekend. All in all, we should be winning this one but won’t be getting anything easy.


Strong wind. Play with it in the 1st half.