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To be honest I’m not one bit happy the match is going ahead.
No respect to the youngsters or parents on what is a big day for them. Putting them out into a storm on a completely exposed pitch with no stand for spectators.


Take out your anger with the county board on the opposition, mate. Send a group text to parents this evening to whip them up into a frenzy.


I’m going to do some analysis of the various pitches at the venue this evening, compare predicted wind directions and work out the best instructions to give to the captain if he wins the toss.


Winning championships games and especially finals in shit weather is great


[quote="Big_Mick_McCarthy, post:1278, topic:20004, our most physically powerful player both picking up season ending injuries playing Gaelic football.


You’ve gone and done it now. Kev will have a field day.


All cork games off at ynderage


All the underage soccer games are off in West Limerick too.


And cork camogie and schoolboys soccer gobe too.

Great news as i had a u15 county final @11am tomorrow after a party tonight, stroke of luck


Peter Fucking Pan himself


I obviously am assistant coaching


Dont be a fucking hero here kid…


Do it now or pay forever. He will be useless to club down the road, or he may value it more.

Its short term pain for long term gain and its win-win.


I am well aware youth iniuries are largely not down to the present coach.


Absolutely, sends an important message to rest of lads.


If it was june or july maybe. Its nearly November.


I have 15 other lads that went to the well last Sunday morning and dug out a savage performance no way I can leave one of them off for him. I’ve no issue with the young lad playing soccer either as he is very good and has the potential to make a serious go of it. I told his father he’d always be welcome in the football panel, but that isn’t a guarantee he’d start.


Have to show loyalty to the lads that were there the last day. You will only piss off lads if you selected the other fella, no matter how good he is. One of the reasons that lads fall away from sport is when the latter happens.


Your the gaffer

Just think at this time of year its soccer season if hed been committed prior to now he is being made to chooose theoigh no faukt of his own

Also, if hes your best player or close to it then that group will likely benefit a lot more from winning the comp than feom keeping him aside to make a point


id disagree strongly with your last point.


I would have said same. But my recent experience is young lads want best team out and best chance of winning over all else