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Well, that would be different from mine :slight_smile:


Does not matter when it happens. Message is the same


I strongly agree with your point

Its u14.

Winning u14’s is highly over rated.

If it was Minor and they never won anything i might take a different view.

I would even seek counsel within club and tell chairman what you are at. Set a standard for the ckub


I think I’ve gauged the mood of the group pretty well and I’m happy the team performance will be at the same level with or without him. Plus a serious option to be springing from the bench at half time if necessary. Would be very difficult for the opposition to adapt to.


You’re the gaffer


I’m the boss. I’m the gaffer.


You are the coach/adult.

The players are incredibly selfish. Whike you should not ignore, you need to do the best thing for the club and goung forward as well


You sound like a brilliant coach for those lads. You must really be at their level.


That’s a low blow …


I’m disgusted it gained no traction. Good luck with the game. *


No harm having a bolter from the bench either


Winning u14s is fantastic but getting them all or as many of them as possible to 16,17,18 should be the ultimate aim and if you achieve that in today’s environment you have done a serious job.

The likes of @Brimmer_Bradley would be going gung ho to win his u14b title with young kids dropping out left right &centre so he can bang the cup above on the counter inside in Jimmy Macs pub in Gortnabollix.


Believe it or not buddy I’m the opposite, my strategy is to send them all home with a smile and hopefully they’ll be back next day, that’s club policy.
In my divisional role I’ll drive them on a bit. Not so worried then. The cream will eventually see through.


lads slapping him on the back and buying him pints


did you think you would be ready for the rigours of junior b yet brimmer? and prove yourself as a proper manager


Match off


Some gowls - should have been done two days ago


Not for a while yet. I have to work my way up from U10s.


That’s what it’s all about.


Out in the pissing rain this morning. Got a visit from COS and Sam Maguire to keep the kids spirits up.