Official TFK GAA Coaches Corner


Thats what matters.
Participation and retention.

Compeition and winning and losing and all that is very important for life too. But staying healthy ling term is the key


My son had a bye this week thank fuck. Wouldn’t have fancied heading down to Sean Moore park in that.


No Rebel Og U-15 finals were scheduled for today.


Camogie boy


This is refixed for tonight.
I’m nervous as fuck. Worse than before my own match.


Stick up a big poster with the score from last nights game on it

Tell them you fucking produced it when it was on the line, its their fucking turn now

Then wipe your hole with a Rathkeale shirt/flag and kick the door down on your way out


You have done all you can. Bothing can change now.

3 simple messages for the team.

The more you can enjoy the game the sharper you will be.

Once you get comfortable with the fact that you are finished with them and its over to them all nerves go.

Clear eyes…


@TreatyStones sprung his bolter from the bench at half time and he’s doing untold. Superb man management :clap:


it think the gaa is destroyed, fellas are washed up at 26/27 now, ran into the ground by muldoons, something is very wrong


Fucking great. Keep us up to date please.


Winning well ten left


Lovely :blush:!!


4-16 to 7 points


@TreatyStones boys gave them one hell of a beating
:clap: He’d want to be careful he doesn’t end up with the senior gig


:ronnyroar::pint: them young lads are gonna run amok tonight in their local. Don’t forget to take the camera phones off of them before the ‘entertainment ‘ arrives @TreatyStones.


Well done @TreatyStones

Did you stick to the guns on Soccer player?

Can they go up a grade for 16? Or is that highest grade?


Well done @TreatyStones I’d say you looked up into every one of their eyes and told them how proud you were.


He’s locked down the local looking at two big tits telling them how proud he is of them.


Congrats @TreatyStones


I did. I snuck him in at half time when the game was in the balance with the instruction every ball for the first 10 mins was to be aimed towards him. He stuck 2 goals and the game was over. Worked out great for everyone