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Not really adding any weight to the argument

Show me the studies


Fuck off out of it you bullshitting cunt.


Is there anyone who isn’t a bluffer Kev?


I read the carlow study btw, and it was a controlled study and a very short duration.

What you are describing is a different approach to the course I went to though.

But anyway. My main point is this is off the shelf stuff. No education in it. And my anecdotal experience and that of people I chat to is its used for a while and then down away with.

Like meal plans, like drills etc. They take away the thinking aspect so eventually people stop thinking.

Anytime I aspects ked the question about sedentary lifestyle and the fact a guy could have come from a 30-120Min car journey nobody ever had an answer for me on what this was doing to solve that possibility

It’s copy and paste at its finest and a few bob for the boys to go around and talk around bout shoddy loose science distantly associated with it


Ya loads.

Some of the people involved are very good practioneers…in their area.

They just took a generic warm up from another sport and plugged it in. It pathetic


whether you like them or not, you said no coach or S&C was involved. there was. And plenty of it. it wasnt designed by physios.

I’ve not really commented on the practicalities or uses of it, but in my opinion, its a better warm up technique to use than the traditional “sprint to the 21 and kick a ball” cc @myboyblue warm up that is quite often used, with the usual static stretches.

The vast majority of coaches in this country are not S&C experts, so have to get things from somewhere. Even if they dont fully know the whys and technicalities of a warm up, it is still better to use a method that is better than the standard stuff they did themselves playing years prior.

And for those that do actually want to delve in further and use particular exercises and incorporate them with some skills to bring into the warm up, at the end of it all it will always be down to the particular coach to learn the info if he really wants to. The info is there for them to learn, or they can just take the simple option and reproduce which is what you are obviously seeing more often.


None of those people are S&C Coaches.

Are you suggesting Moyna is an s&c coach?

The majority of coaches should get good coach education. End of.


The rest is nonsense.

Coaching education can do alot more.

You cannot just leave it to regular coaches who will have no idea where to look


what is the best s&c qualification out there and who offers it?

also, what exactly is the good coach education that you are talking about, as in who and where?


no, I’m not only suggesting Moyna is a coach, but he actually is a coach and has coached many teams very successfully. There was S&C coaches involved also, whether you want to believe that or not, I dont particularly care. To say it was only done by physios is incorrect.

Of course coaches should get good coach education, I’m not sure where you think I said otherwise. There are plenty of places to look for coach education, whether people think it is of an acceptable standard or not is another thing.


Setanta Bsc or Edith Cowen, Australia masters


What S&C was involved?

All they did was add more people to deliver it.

It was all medical people who came up with it day 1. I saw it 1st rolled out in '15. I remember the lines kinda like “we consulted so and so…” I quizzed this at the time and I know others did too. Copying soccer is obviously flawed. Movement wise they have different demands.

I have asked who in S&C. Nothing.
Studies? Nothing.

Also no sign whatsoever injuries have reduced since it came in. In fact most evidence points to an increase in Youth injuries.


Would interested in reading one of those reports on youth injuries if you could link to it ?


I know this is the GAA coaches corner but @caoimhaoin I remember you saying that you’ve been involved with hockey teams. What sort of warm up would you do on match day? The reason I ask is that the team I’m involved with do the worst warm up. Very much junior b. Few stretches and hit balls at the keeper. While we are second in the league we start games very slow and play our way into the game.


Kev’s warm up with the hockey girls won’t be appearing in many training manuals pal, Protestant girls and all that


Quite similar to the Camogie only I adjusted it to suit the wants of the head coach. So they did light ball work first. And the agility game I have there was Hockey based and the speed was with ball(1v1’s and more random and constrained games).
The camogie lads have not got their head around that. As I do not know them well yet I avoid doing “hurling” specific stuff too much at the start. Hurling coaches are uber protective of such things and can really take a turn if the “fitness coach” starts introducing games. The hurling snobbery in Cork is immense and I come from a “football” club.
Ideally alot more would be done with ball which I do get with the football.
Even though I was recommend to these clubs/coaches as hybrid coach it’s only the football that has embraced that yet. And that’s fine. Every role differs.
But if you wanted to change it up and keep simple with big bang for your buck.

Stability (could be ran in dressing room by captain)
Plank x 30 secs + Bridges x 20 + Side planks x 20 secs each X 2 sets

Strength & Activation
Spit Squats x8 each side followed by Split Jumps x4 each side
Bodyweight Squats x 20 followed by Squat Jumps x5
Single Leg hinges (rdl’s) x8 + Broad Jumps x5

Then some sort of agility/decision making hickey game with stick & ball.
Or 3-4 groups of 4 playing the numbers game.


Given the general constraints on the length of time with which you will be with most players (probably max 3 hours plus a game each week), it would make much more sense for the s&c to incorporate as much ball as possible.


And it just makes sense. I mean for 4-6 weeks I kinda do agree with a general condition approach.

So for agility I play Bib tag and things like that. It’s fun and competitive. But that 4-5 mins should become skill based agility games then.

Problem is sport is still very much seen in reductionist way. Gym here. Running g there. Skills over here.

If you change size of pitch, put in more balls or adjust time limits you can work all the energy systems needed in whatever sport.
Takes a bit of selling thougb


A Chance to see Cody and Gavin today talk about leadership


Any lads interested Clontarf have their athletic development programme up on the ‘net