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Could you link it?



How does us small country clubs survive at all without coaching manuals, workshops and academy’s?


As long as we’re wrassling bullocks and thinning turnips, we’ll be grand.

Shouwldering contests are a must also.


That’s a few year a old I think. The whole preparation has moved on considerably with many many many experts confirming these are dangerous activities. Were any S&C coaches involved in creating that or did they just copy and paste and put their spin on it. Hate when that happens.


Not by the looks of it. Still this thing “this is not an s&c program” in relation to kids. Which creates fear of s&c.
It is an s&c program.
Also the description of agility is off. Agility is alot more than Change of direction . Still the games used are mostly good and are proper agility games. Bar the T-Drill. This is not agility. It’s change of direction and acceleration

Still using SAQ as a method of training Speed and agility is flawed and without the ball or competitiveness is wasting time.

The “flexibility” program is actually “mobility” but is good none the less.

Some of the session structures and games are dated.

However overall it’s a good product for a club to be producing and very progressive.

I actually know people within that club both members and paid coaches. Seem to be very progressive


are there any other ‘universities’ offering this course in ireland?


Padraig Harrington made a point recently on Off The Ball that the country has no physical education of kids in schools in any meaningful way and has outsourced that role to the GAA which justifies more State money to GAA


What does he plan on paying to Gymnastics Ireland?


But that’s just bullshit. The GAA does not know what it’s doing and many many kids do not play Gaa.

It’s down to luck if your kid gets physical education or not


LIT and university of Glamorgan in wales


Impossible to get your kids into gymnastics.

All kids should do two years of gymnastics type training before touching any ball


Padraig was raving about it, it seems like all funds should be diverted from the GAA to Gymnastics immediately.


isent LIT tied in with Setanta and Glamorgan in wales?


yeah it is brilliant


its down to parents.

a fat parent tends to raise a fat kid. schools should be doing more PE but that wont cure childerens obesity in itself.
the gaa sending coaches into schools to do fms and other bits might not create olympoic atheltes but it is a positive and its lazy to be slating it.


Given the poor health of the nation as a whole, it seems as if the GAA has failed in its objective, and all funding should be stopped immediately. This country needs less GAA amenities, and a greater number of Gymnastics Clubs.


I was not slating that.
I do that ffs.
I do it with clubs too.

But it’s not the GAA doing that.

It’s individuals within individual communities pushing the boat out.

Nothing to do with GAA.

For example, even within Cork, you have one development officer bringin in games based approach in one part but others not.


I am having gymnastics ireland down to Ballincollig for a special course in April for anyone reasonably local that is interested.
It is about integration of gymnastics into sports programs and coaching children.


How much? Will you accept Cash?