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I knew you’d be the first in :smile:


As Treasurer of my Club I would not be paying attention to my duties if I didn’t investigate this novel idea.


It’s high time. Goal celebrations need spicing up a bit. Badge kissing just doesn’t cut it anymore.


It’s free.
But it’s for a new Coaching/Sports Club Group we have created for the Town & Hinterland.

Not surprisingly it’s the gaa clubs who are slowest to join.

However I would allow genuinely interested guests in.


Please provide a link to where we can sign up some of our Juvenile Coaches.
Cheers :+1:


I will when we have the venue nailed down. Being run in connection with Cork Sports Partnership and UCC/CIT and we have to line up so all can be there. It’s our first event.


Enrolled my 3 year old lad in the National Sports Campus gymnastics academy at the weekend. Pretty seamless. If he’s not as dynamic as a young Paul Flynn by the time he hits GAA nursery, I want my money back.


He’ll be cartwheeling all the way to the Hill in 2036 under Coach Gavin


This is huge lads. Some of the best coaching educators and scientists in world sport coming to CIT.

Must see if you want to move to next level


65 pound is for nothing.


Best of luck with it Kev, looks interesting. Clashes with championship for me.


Some fellas talk the talk but some confident fellas walk the walk :ok_hand: good man Kev


Good session last night in Crokes .

Touched on goal achievement theory and performance (ego) and mastery (task) oriented goals.

A lot about getting to know individual players and engaging with them on a one to one basis to get to know them. At a very young level that may just mean taking time to reinforce positive messages and encouragement. Also to empower players by getting them to ask questions and come up with their own solutions which improves decision making in games

Field based sessions today


Let them come up with the decision on the field too.


That is a large part of what Daly suggests - will see what he says later. Mentioned that Dublin S and C coach Kennedy gave players chance to devise warm ups and led to asking groups of players to solve problems from games and then run games and drills in training with suggested solutions. So players constantly talking and texting on WhatsApp to come up with ideas and that improved decision making in games


Ya that’s the way to develop ownership. Huge intrinsic buy in then

I get all teams to take warmup. Teach them the Principals and let them develop it themselves

If you just discuss things with a team you will come up with the solutions. And they can change week to to week or month to month


Kev,what has happened at the sweedish team that makes that coach be seen as special?


I do not think he is special, just revelutionary.

He is dissolving academies and using the money to improve the coaching programs and abilities of your ordinary Accountant Dad coach

Which has double benefits of maintaining participation and retention but also keeping more good kids available for longer and have a bigger pick for elite down the road.

Many clubs and countries are dismissing 100’s and 1000’s of kids at 8/9/10

Mark realised thru his role as an academy coach when following up on kids let go (obviously of some ability) that about 50% were giving up completely.
So they were losing confidence etc. And not even thru puberty.

He studied this worldwide in tandem with work with Keith David’s and Shuttleworth etc who were developing the constraint led approach and non linear learning which has many benefits socially and psychologically outside of making kids better players and decision makers.

But there are barriers to delivering it. NGB’s, old school coaches, terrible coaching courses, time for ordinary coaches to learn.

He is now doing a PhD in Sheffield Hallam with Keith to develop a language and approach to making the science easier to understand for approach.

Language is key.


2 good sessions. Again focus on getting to know players and strengths and weaknesses. Dalo was very good - had a good one about using opposition to point out weak technique to kids and all about praise. Big focus on decision making and drills/games to enhance that and to keep it fun


Looking forward to the nuggets when Johnny Magee does his clinic.