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Care to flesh that out bro


Is it not obvious?

Show poor technique without damaging their confidence


What does using opposition mean?

Does it mean letting them realise their own faults?


Opposing team. Point out the bad things the other teams players are doing.


Thanks bro




No surprise you respond to a question in a condescending and pompous manner. Some coach and educator. In your own mind only.


As well as being more than a touch insecure you’re grasp of basic words is pretty poor.


And again the sneering and mouthing for no reason. Total over reaction as per usual. You are a bitter little child really, with no self awareness. Mousey had you pegged very well the last day.


I’m sneering at your complete lack of understanding of the subject at hand


He said as an example that if kids on other team were not executing a block down properly (not two hands on hurl) you could point that out to your team and say “what could that guy have done differently”. Do that rather than pick up your teams faults. And if you do need to provide feedback make it about what they can do next time to change something


If lads tried to keep 2 hands on hurl the majority of top class block downs wouldn’t have come off.

Perhaps he meant an aerial block down


That’s a bat down


My brother when showing players video analysis will show something good that the player does as well as something they are doing wrong. Balance is important.


No one at any level wants to be going away from a training session with a litany of negative things, but it’s no use to the players development to overly sugar coat things either. As @fenwaypark said, it’s all about balance.

@caoimhaoin attack on @maroonandwhite against the spirit of this thread too and exactly the type of condescending attitude that stops interested parties in getting involved in coaching at any level.


What’s a bat down?


It had nothing to do with coaching

It was an inability to read and wanted it spelt out for him

It was lazy nd reminded me of many if the dipshit around the place now under the age of 28


When you bat the ball down


I asked for clarification of the term ‘using opposition’ you certainly didn’t provide it in your first response, but then you are a very poor communicator (spelling errors, the most god awful syntax seen on the internet) , the other lads were only too happy to help thankfully


Q.E. fucking D.