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Too much time is spent on weaknesses anyway, often to the blunting if strengths.

I take the view of “what can they do for the team” not “what can’t they do”


It’s notable they all have kids.

Must be habit


You got to learn the chords before you play jazz


Thats a great point. Focusing only on what players cant do rather than working to make them even better at what they are good at as well


That’s gas all the same, Kev.

It’s like reading Chinese with your spelling half of the time. :rofl::rofl:


“had a good one about using opposition to point out weak technique to kids and all about praise.”

Like ffs come on.

Exactly what else could that mean.



I thought it might mean having players marked or in competition (ie literally using opposition) and then saying to them after, see how you were blocked, hooked, beaten to it, this is what you could improve on. As aside from just running a drill where a skill is practiced unopposed.

Why did you add ‘and all about praise’ to the quote it adds nothing to the meaning and is not relevant to the using opposition clause.




kev is one of the forum thought leaders, I love what he brings, I often reevaluate my opinions on some of the points he raises


I’d wonder about that actually.

I’d suggest the one handed block technique is far easier execute and is far more valuable in today’s game than the double handed block.


@caoimhaoin what games do you like that can double as strength / core work.

Things like two guys facing each other in press up position and then try to knock each other by hitting arms, etc



two handed frontal block is a waste of time and effort. if they physically need two hands to hold the hurley they are too young to be learning or practicing that skill.
teach them one handed and teach them to use the other hand for balance, its my favourite skill to see young lads progress on esp 12-15 year olds when they are bold as brass and they are totally confident with it

  • Wrestle games
  • Swiss Ball wrestle
  • Plank slap game like you describe
  • Medball Volleyball
  • Single Leg Push game (left leg hop, right arm push. Try to knock other guy off


+1 you articulated my point better than I did


All defenders should be taught less blocking more hooking.


I saw a team of minors the other night do around 10 mins of blocking in a slow 1-to-1 fashion. Waste of time.

And I agree. Hooking more important.

Play chasing games and condensed games. Making a pitch smaller is great to develop hooking. Also awarding points for hooks in competitive games drives motivation to do it as well. Bring g in the scoring I have seen hooks go from 1 to 8 in 1 game

Especially if the losing team have something to lose. Like do agree dance or sing a song. Unbelievably effective for lads.


Hooking is criminally under taught in my book. You’d often see adult players just sticking the hurl out hoping the other fellas swing would accidentally hit off it. When you think about it you can hook from far more directions than you can block. Although a good block can be spectacular, hooking is the bread and butter


Bang on. And hooking stops goals. You never see too many blocks stopping goals


One guy lie on back holding ball and other guy try to get it off him another fun one for young fellas