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That’s fun at any age


Fully extend the hurley hip height and ensure the player striking knows he is being pressurised.

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We had a coach who recommended a hook under the arm pit :grinning: Effective too.


Tap the elbow


Certain counties also teach tapping the elbow, throwing the hurley, shouting obscenities, tipping the helmet and when all else fails a wild one-handed swing.

We don’t go in for that stuff in Limerick.
Pure hurling, hip and whip.


How long since last All Ireland?


137 days


he was an awful bluffer


Some half decent vids/presos being uploaded from latest conference. Tommy Walsh only learned how to hook properly when he went to a recent DJ Carey coaching clinic.



Ah ya, it happens. But just alot rarer


Wasn’t knocking your points, just highlighting 2 excellent examples of the skill of it, the attitude & Drive needed to execute the task.


Ya, attitude is the important word there.

I love a bit of attitude.

You get the odd liveable outlier like Maurice Fitz, but most lads who do anything have anything attitude to how they approach their work/game


@TheUlteriorMotive - ye have some bluffer in tonight I see


Dublin senior football team or Crokes?:blush:



I’m sure there is some good stuff in there, but in general the reductionism of the GAA’s new approach is actually overkill and arguably regressive.
The penny is not dropping yet.

BC is also doing a PHD on developing “talent”. The initial bits of his presentation on it were certainly not a broad approach and looking at failing soccer and AFL.


Yeah it depends on people but they try

We were sent on jean cote tweet this week about 2 v 2 games on small pitch for under 6s

They try and are open to any learning I find buy maybe don’t distil it


Jean cote is a leader in this area.

The truth is you need to employ someone and have area 2-3 year plan.

Someone coming in and building blocks with coaches every 4-6 weeks. Rotate around between working with 4-7 year olds - 7-10 year olds - 11-13 year olds - 13+

They all have different needs. But someone going and are actually supporting coaches are actually sessions and forcing them to learn their own way, not a list of drills and games given in a hand out.

15-20 k over 2-3 years of unbelievable investment


very hard as most coaches are parents so moving around ages to groups without your kids involved can be tricky logistically

Daly a few weeks ago was good. Encouraged experimenting and to just keep a folder of stuff you see and learn, learn from experts, watch etc

He said he spent a lot of time recently going to games and standing behind goals to analyze puck outs and what different keepers and teams do


Or a Dropbox file
Folder :joy:

Ah ya but if you are coaching principals then the moving should not matter.

Obviously some will be efit more than others.

The egotistical coaching I have been exposed to recently is depressing