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Inherent contradictions much?



Go away and don’t be tagging me with such rubbish.


If you can’t, or don’t; see it, I won’t worry about it fella


There is nothing egotistical about what I said ya ghowl


Heading away next weekend with a juvenile team for a bit of team building and warm weather training.


Ice baths, altitude training, bikram yoka and military style training are all nonsense say the GAA


The GAA boys loved their ice baths there for a while



McGregor is s big fan of the altitude training. And there’s no hidden gag there.


It’s gas.
They are right about alot of stuff there, but then they get some of the Principals of training wrong and a few other glaring mistakes.

Yet why not mention Crossfit???

Afraid of getting sued?

GAA 15 is also substandard. It’s funny they way they name tag FIFA 11 which is also different less physical game and one with some dodgy science with it. All studies were done v. No warm up.

Sure of course that’s going to be better


McGregor S&C is shit. He uses alot of faddy other elements as well.

The cunt is just a genetic freak. Looking at what lads like him do is a waste of time.


Fire away Kev

Queries or requests for further advice/information in relation to the above or other training/recovery methods can be e-mailed to


Why would ya bother. It would be ignored.

I’ll just keep doing a good job and get paid for it. They can keep encouraging lads to wing it.


That article/report is just a blanket cover your arse statement from the GAA, so if anyone comes back complaining about oxygen deprivation or getting an awkward boner in bikram yoga, they can say they warned against it.


Ya partly. Some would also say there is a push from GAA “to rid the game of these s&c coaches” as was relayed back to me as being said by one of the big shots. In front of a few s&c coaches as it happens.

They seem to think they can educate your ordinary local coach on best practice with a few things like this.

Who is this player welfare officer?


I bet it’s a physio


That outlook is self perpetuating. You’d prefer not to engage and continue to bitch about what they’re doing wrong.

If you engaged you could have some positive impact like you say you want to have. Generally when organisations call for input they actually want it.


Generally is the correct word there. The gaa doesn’t want anyone’s input.

This has been done in the past. People have gone to them with far better ideas anyone’s nd far more expert views. Waste of the mine.

It’s someone who knows Niall Moyna or a relation of the big wigs.

And anyway, all I am doing is informing people not to take everything as is and to think for themselves


This is all you need and plenty of it.


And a bit of backs and forwards


Backs and forwards are back with a bang. The auld lads were right all along.