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Frank Sinatra never hurled for us.


Great to see Skill Acquisition becoming more and more mainstream.
I was lucky enough to meet Rick a few times. He is coming to Cork in April and is well worth viewing. He is very generous with his time and do well.


@caoimhaoin ground hurling


I was told that reason why this happens is that statistically it is proven that the team that commits most players to these ‘rucks’ win possession.

I agree with your point btw.


That makes sense.


You needed someone to tell you that ?
Some critical thinker alright.


It doesn’t really makes sense if you apply the old saying ’ the ball travels faster than the man’…so instead of all the men going to the ball, flick the ball out first!..


No I mean that in the present way the game is being played the team with most players in get the ball.

And it’s a possession based game now


Cian Lynch was doing his best to bring back ground hurling as well Saturday night.
@ciarancareyshurlingarmy he also pulled away on every throw in


*We need more Dooleys

This will drive the Anti Muckyhearticks insane


He did.
And we cheered lustily every time. Proper roasters.


I’m curious, has anyone ever seen any kind of hurling set pieces by any team at any level.

e.g. A team doing something choreographed from the training pitch to create a goal chance from a free/65.

I’m sure there are a bunch of tricks you can pull at lower levels to catch teams out.


Yip. Did a few short frees in my time in hurling. 35M out tap overs. Quick strike runner. Pass. Go for goal. Against convention though in this case aim high. Cos as an Aussie once beautifully told me about an imperfect gutter “no cunt looks up”.


A nice one for long range frees which just may be out of scoring distance. 2 players go out to take the free and have a loud argument about who should take it. One of them storms off towards the goal where it is being aimed at. Free is then taken short to him and put over. Opposition defence never pick him up.

One for sidelines. Player A places ball and gets set to take it. Player B stands 10 yards in front with opposition player. Player A runs backwards while player B goes to the sideline and hits it back to him. Opposition player can’t infringe on player B or a free is given.

Hope that makes sense.


Didn’t Waterford try one in a minster final v cork. Think it was 07. Was either a 21 or a free close to it, ball played into Mullane who buried it if I remember correctly.


cc @caoimhaoin


Fairly drab stuff really.
The warm up is a nonsense


Shaughs played a close in free short to one of the Dwyer’s in the county semi final against Adare about fifteen years ago. Late in the game. They made a balls of it and we lost by a point.



That’s a nice warm up. I’ll try that later.