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Monkey tennis.


Any med ball games/relays (throw and pick down the field in various ways). Volleyball is particularly good

Obviously small 1-2kg balls


You’re taking the piss Phatt


Fire it this way too bro


I lolz’d at that before giving it the deserved 10th :heart:


Mr Wolf
Toe tag
Knee wrestling


Tip rugby


basketball but you can’t move once you catch the ball… have to get 10/15/20 passes to score a goal. Teaches movement off the ball and communication and stops greedy cunts running with the ball


That’s olympic handball or netball effectively

Frisbee the same


sent on to you there now boss


Any lads use the Fundamental Frame the lad from Limerick is selling.


Decent for beginers.
A lot of kit to be carting about but definitely improved the kids.
Probably best left in a hall or somewhere where you dont have to be carting it about.



Is it expensive ?


Not sure as we got it through a lad who knew the lad that makes it and a few in the club got together to buy it. It could be 200 but I genuinely cant remember. Its well made in fairness. Stainless steel . Id say the ropes are the only thing that will need replacing. If you could leave it in the corner of a hall that would be ideal.


CC @bandage CC @balbec


Heard Kilmallock sent up their adult team.


Kilmallock bate them with their own caps


I heard one young fella from Faythe Harriers scored all their scores.



We did untold


It was no hassle to host it as the kilmallock crowd brought the caravans. Once they had a street light to tap into they were delighted.