Official TFK Garth Brooks Meet Up July 2014

Can we make this an official TFK event, please, admin?

Anybody who’s anybody will be there.

I’ll be attending the country music God’s shows on the Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Can all Garth fans please state which nights they will be attending, so we can pin down which day this summer soiree will take place?


Official status granted.

What night are you heading along to see Garth, @farmerinthecity?


If it’s standing tickets you have you might not be able to see.

Friday and I will consider buying one for the final gig, whenever that may be, should be some blowout :pint:

Not signing in. I will be the only owner of a pair of Wranglers on this fair isle not attending.

Brazilian Night at Dicey’s for the post-show party, mate. Fuck yeah.

Friday. Pitch standing.


I hope the place is bombed.

Fior Gaels horsebox and dodgy keeper want the home of the GAA bombed :o

Saturday, pitch standing *

  • Yee-haw!

Hayes Hotel is the home of the GAA. I really just want you to die horribly-didn’t really mean what I said about Croker.

If you want me to die horribly then be a man, grow some balls and set about doing it yourself. Don’t try run with the big dogs when you piss yourself like a puppy.

Not signing in.

25% off for any lad who orders a burger at my burger van and mention

they have tight hamstrings/are military tradition republicans/voted for Horan/are functioning alcoholics/know a lad called Kev who knows a lot of people/are Serbian nationalists/

:rolleyes: Ffs.

Thursday mate.

I’ll be getting my tickets in a couple of weeks.