Oil Prices Still Hovering Near $100 A Barrel Mark

Anyone give a schiedt?

As a car owner, this affects me because I own a car.

Didn’t know you bought a car Farmer. You kept that very quiet.

Here here. As a car owner, this affects me because I own a car.

As a public transport user it affects me as fares will rise.

couldn’t give a flying fook. I own a car but regardless of the price of fuel i’m still going to buy it if i want to drive around. I’ll also probably continue to refuel at the same 2/3 petrol stations i always use regardless of their price although i might reconsider if they up their prices to the level of that cunt on the quays who charges something like 1.70 a litre (most places around the 1.15 - 1.20 range). he should be shot.

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That place youre talking about is actually no longer owned by Statoil, I can’t remember the name of the new owners. I heard a rumour that they (Statoil) charged those outrageous prices because they had a lot of contract customers including the Gardai at Phoenix Park and they wanted to put off “ordinary customers” from clogging up their forecourt. In all fairness though it was only all too convenient that it was one of the first service stations that car drivers from Dublin Port came across before they got onto the main N4 and N7 roads.

think it’s owned by some small supplier now. statoil distanced themselves from the outrageous prices being charged saying it was purely down to the operator what price was charged and they didn’t agree with anyone charging prices that high.

re the rumour above i’d seriously doubt statoil of the operator would be worried about having their forecourt clogged up while they’re raking in the cash and it is a strange coincidence that it’s the only station accessible to thousands of commuters every day on that particular route

Interesting piece on the radio this morning on the price of oil and the impact of fracking on the global oil price.

What did it say Fagan?

It said that the sheikhs slashed prices to try and put the frackers out of business but it hasn’t really worked. Fracked oil has only dropped from 5 to 4.5% of world production so they are letting the price up again and it will stay between 50 and 60 dollars a barrel for the foreseeable.

Cost of fracking dropped quite a bit in past few years i believe which fucked with the arabs plans

A $40 price was supposed to hammer russia. Have seen noting on how that has played out

I see the price of a barrel of oil is down from $59 to $36 month on month yet the price of petrol or diesel has hardly shifted. Is there a logical explanation other than the obvious thieving shower of bastards one.

On the surface it’s the thieving bastard thing.

But just because it fell doesn’t mean it’ll stay there. Let’s say it stays $40 for a month and petrol doesn’t move, then we’re locked into thieving bastards zone.

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Pumps.ie is gone isn’t it so we can’t verify anything. There’s usually a 3 week gap between a fall in price and what you’d see at the pumps.

Interesting how that place on the quays was such a rip off 12 years ago. It’s one of the cheapest around nowadays

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Over 60% of the cost is tax. Somewhere around 89c if fuel is 1.40 (as VAT is a %). The retailer and the wholesaler need to make a margin too, cost of transport etc, lets call that 10c. So now you have a euro of the price.
So if fuel prices halved it would be roughly 1.20 a litre (a bit less given VAT would fall too).

It takes time to feed in, the wholesaler won’t have bought at those prices yet, but there isn’t a massive effect on the price either way. If petrol was for some reason free, you’d still be paying the bones of a euro a litre.

Similarly if oil prices doubled you wouldn’t be paying €2.80. More like €1.90


Up like a rocket, down like a feather, as the saying goes.

All that cheap fuel and nowhere to go

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