On a Roll

I’m on a roll lads


Got one this morning. :ronnyroar:

Really puts an extra pep in your step in the morning.

Delighted for you @fran, couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.

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You certainly are mate, keep it up


A great way to start the day.

Welcome to the club, mate. Makes you feel kinda special doesn’t it?

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Admired, respected, maybe even loved by the TFK community.

Or pitied


Knowing i was an Elite poster made it easier to hop out of bed this morning.

I noticed you made the big step up mate, you earned it, that work on the wooden floors thread was inspired.

Indeed, it was the only thread worth following for a while but that was about 8 months ago, still nice to see it hasn’t been forgotten.

Its like Ben Shermins transport thread, long defunct, but never forgotten.

What the fuck is an elite poster anyway?
A forum with thousands of accounts but only about 20 posters won’t be hard to break into the top 15% of. I thought I had it before.

Well deserved.

I find your posts to be earnest and agreeable

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Why thank you old pal. I like the new you nearly as much as the old you but it’ll only end one way


Pep in the step alright

Be on a roll, or don’t. Just don’t go on about it. Nobody cares.


You’ve left yourself exposed by starting the day at 25% battery though

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