On a Roll


Going on about being on a roll will never see you be ADMIRED


You’ve left yourself exposed by starting the day at 25% battery though

Note the charging symbol @Fran. At a healthy 88% now


What a way to start a new week. Unreal…


Picked up the anniversary badge there to add to the collection.


A few days after picking up one of these, I’ve just earned an ‘Elite Poster’ badge. I’m still not quite sure what it is, but all is right with the world again. :brendan:


Got one today.


Just became the 10th member today of TFK’s ‘Admired’ club. This is a very special moment for me.





Consistent good internetting . Teutonic efficiency .




Do you know what I might well have a little beer or two tonight to celebrate.


Don’t let the day pass without marking this savage important milestone in your life


When i found this forum in August 2015 and decided to throw my lot in and register I wasn’t sure what to expect, but little did I think that two years later i would be in the Admired posters club. I just try to be honest as I can and be myself and people like yourself are responding to it. You have been a great supporter of mine.


You have a great way about you. I agree with nearly everything you say


Well done mate, we’ll deserved.

That crazy in love one is a bit creepy though, who else has that one?


Unrale scenes today.

I’m sure it’s the nice weather that has put my fellow forumites in such a generous mood but I have received 3 (three) separate “nice reply” notifications. 2 seemed like a big deal earlier today but I’ve had a productive weekend and @Arseboxin tipped me over with my 3rd “10” of the day.

This is a special day as I approach my two year TFK anniversary. I would like to thank the forumites who have shown such support today. A small milestone for a junior B member.


Your progress hasn’t gone unnoticed pal. Keep it up.


All the winter training is starting to pay off. Thanks pal


Your wings will be clipped soon enough fucko


Wouldn’t expect anything less pal.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Best wishes,