On a Roll


Fuck em all chief. Take it when you get it.
Fuck the begrudgers


“Our” reversal in the Hyde has soured my e-friend @The_Selfish_Giant.
He’s normally a benign and sanguine character.

Carry on is my advice.


3 nice posts in the bones of an hour, I was on fire last night :facepunch:


I’m on a fucking roll lads, woooohooooooo!!!


Absolutely overjoyed for you mate. It’s definitely Christmas now


There’s a wonderful feeling of goodwill around the place at the moment between @Bandage finding his earphones and me being on a roll


The greatest gift of all!


Nice start to the new year


Back posting 24 hours and I’m on a roll.
Don’t get too angry lads. I don’t mean to drive ye demented.


I hate getting an on a roll badge.

It means I’ve been off a roll.

I’ve been on a roll for 23 days now. Only @myboyblue and @Fagan_ODowd have been rolling longer.

Granted 1h

Granted 1h

Granted 1h

Granted 1h

Granted 1d

Granted 1d

Granted 1d

Granted 1d

Granted 2d

Granted 2d

Granted 3d

Granted 7d

Granted 8d

Granted 9d

Granted 10d

Granted 20d

Granted 23d

Granted 27d

Granted 30d


I don’t like to make a big deal of it. I’m universally loved here, so be it.


Did we celebrate you breaking 100k posts mate?


I normally wouldn’t mention it but it’s just that I made and effort to get back in the game yesterday and go straight into on a roll status. Imagine if I took it seriously.


We did, @rocko, @Bandage and @The_Selfish_Giant popped round with a cake baked by @The_brisbane_lion, it was magical. I feel like I’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted to in life now, I can hang up my e-cape and settle down to a quiet retirement in the basement.


Signing in. Being on leave is taking its toll on my posting


Ah lads, what a moment, queuing at the till in LIDL and check the phone, see a notification, assume it’s abuse from a little faux pas I made a while ago, but it’s not…
I’ve only become an ADMIRED POSTER :heart_eyes:


Stats don’t lie. :clap:


Have to say this place has been a lot more enjoyable and readable the last while. Not sure why…


I never thought I’d see myself typing it but the return of @Ambrose_McNulty has been a very positive thing, the sniping cunt


There’s a great bit of cut in him.