⚖️ On a scale of 1 to 10

1 being bone dry and 10 being soaking, how wet are your underpants in this warm weather?

I don’t want to exclude anyone so ladies please answer too based on the type of underwear you’re wearing.

Those not wearing any underwear can answer based on the moistness of their barse/snatch.

I reckon I’m a comfortable 3.

One time Jugs had to whip off his cacks in the bog in work and squeeze out the wetness into the toilet bowl.

Sick fuck.

I would go with a 2.5 myself. Not as dry as I would like, but by no means sweaty.

I’d say I’m a four. Not hugely uncomfortable yet still a bit on the damp side.

Fucking softie office fucks, down the fields tis a good 7 today.

A solid 1 today no problems!

You’ve a solid one in your underpants :o

Sick Fuck

1 not one carry on,nothing to see here.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

You townie cunt.
You live in the town.
I live in the country.
You know fuck all about the fields.


Ha ha you buffoon, you pass my stately manor on your way to your humdrum job every morning, I bet you look up the hill and think “why not me?”

A 2 going on 3.


Exactly. I’m particularly eager for CLG to answer this question…

I couldn’t rate myself because i’m jockless.

Read the paragraph under the one you bolded and come back to us.

I dunno about this… :unsure:


About a 5

was a 4-5 after my walk today. Back to a 2 now.

Suit pants are awful to wear in this weather, im a 6.5 I reckon.


About a 1, commando all week.

No surprise that potato eating swamp monkeys like Dunph are scoring high… the stench from his Sheffield Wednesday jersey must be sickening.