On this day

26 years gone

My recollection was it was a Saturday morning when the news broke. I was travelling back to KK from Dublin and I think it was Dave Fanning doing interviews with people about Morgan’s passing.

Our JFK moment.

Dave hasnt changed much. I wonder did he say anything offensive that time.

My recollection was that he was like the rest of us, stunned. He couldn’t believe it. They were probably around the same age. Think Morgan for 46 :see_no_evil:

Happy Saint David’s Day to all our Welch cousins


12 months ago the united captain begged to be substituted

Happy mother’s day to all the tfk mams. Especially @Midshipman_Asha and @Bandage



1996 - fucking hell


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A quick 15 years. Incredible to think how common six nations and grand slams have become since then.

Elvis joined the army

I hadn’t realised that.

Thank you very much.

Never forget how they acted as if they were more important than the rest of us


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One of the greatest nights in Irish history. I was at that game with @Rocko & then again at the home derby a week & a half later when we beat them 3-2. The Vennegoor of Hesselink 94th minute winner in that first game was the craziest stadium atmosphere I ever experienced (apart from O’Byrne Cup group games). Two late season home derbies because one of them was originally postponed at New Year when Phil O’Donnell died. Came from 7 points down with 6 games left to win the league by 3, if I recall correctly.


Was that the year arshavin inspired st Petersburg beat Rangers in the uefa cup final ?

It was indeed. They were fighting on a few fronts & the league was extended to give them some breathing space. Think the last fixtures were on a Thursday night.

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Yeah they were miles ahead but then had to play a load of games over a short period because of European run :joy:

Yep extended for them and they still moaned, some things never change eh?

That Robson tackle on Dailly set the tone that night from the off