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Probably demanding a stamp of Pinochet instead.


One year ago today, 16 October 2016, we lost Anthony Foley.


Never liked that term “lost” or “lose” someone. They died, they aren’t list, they’re right there, dead.


Never liked that term “lost” or “lose” someone. They died, they aren’t lost, they’re right there, dead.


Wonderful persistence and you got there in the end.


No need to get outraged over it.

It’s just a linguistic device to make death seem slightly less of a horrible thing.

@artfoley will be along soon to demand that the terms “passed away”, “lost”, “departed”, “no longer with us” etc. be banned and that all mentions of people who have shuffled off this mortal coil (another future banned phrase in Foleyland) be referred to as “DEAD”.


Poor old axel is dead. Stop victim blaming you horrible cunt.


“They’re “prostitutes”, not “women who worked as prostitutes”!”


I remember where I was when the awful news came through


With a rope around your neck and an orange in your mouth, probably.


35 years ago today, this aired on Anything Goes.

And the rest, they say, is history


25 years ago today

God Bless you Bill


One year ago today, 7 November 2016 - Ireland 40 New Zealand 29


The October Revolution happened 100 years ago today.

One of the most important dates of the 20th century, perhaps the most important.


Important to Bolshevik nutcases I suppose


Quite possibly. This regime and the one inspired by it in China would go on to commit some of the largest genocides in human history. It could well be the most important date in the history of mankind


Also inspired genocides in literally every country where communism took hold or the USSR seized after WWII, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria), and Ethiopia. The rise of the twin evils of Communism and Nazism in the 20th century had a lot in common, a small group of lunatics from the fringes of society gaining power mainly by exterminating their opponents.

In terms of true importance the two great events of the 20th century were the defeat of the Nazis and the fall of the Soviet Union.


Didn’t the revolution happen in February and what happened in October was a coup?


Correct, the Tsar was overthrown in February and a provisional government established. Not that dissimilar to Germany in the early 30s, the Bolsheviks had limited support but like the Nazis were more organized than any of their opponents and seized power in November (October for Russians at the time). The Bolsheviks were heavily defeated in the election of December 1917, only winning 168 of 703 seats, but Lenin and his Red army never allowed the assembly to meet. A grand bunch of freedom lovers, the Bolsheviks.


They always think they know better