On this day


Never forget.



What happened on November 9th?


2’16. The Don was elected


The plain people of America spoke .




my world was destroyed this day 16 years ago on 9/11, I think we all remember where we were that day



It was one of those awful days like 31 August 1997 that you just never forget.


what happened on the 31817 mate?


Stomach problems on a fun run.


The Princess of Wales died.


I’ll never forget it, on the 31/08/97 I was down in Cork when the word came through, I remember walking down Patrick Street and the sense of shock was palpable, the sheer disbelief on peoples faces, then on 9//11, I was in Dublin, it was like the world ended , Ii actually thought I was going to die that day



Terrorist Che Guevara was killed 50 years ago today, 9 October 1967.


that was a great operation


The crusty layabout types will be out in force today.




An Post have issued a stamp with him on it


Lucinda Creighton had a Twitter meltdown about it :rofl:


Very bad taste from An Post. You’d have expected better from the Eire government.