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They only let women 30+ have the vote because, if it was the same age as men, women would have held a sizeable majority due to the fact that they’d sent their young men to slaughter in WWI, men who of course died “to save democracy”.


You seemed to be suggesting that not being a fan of a soccer team would mean people wouldn’t find it emotional


They all got the vote ten years later.


It wouldn’t amaze me with some of the Neanderthals that support some teams or other sports.


The Berlin Wall had been in place 10,316 days when it came down which is 10,316 days ago.


They don’t build em like they used to


That’s mad. One for the things that make you feel old thread.


Too true.
Watching tv in those months before Christmas 89 is still so clear in my memory, a burst of freedom and hope for the coming years right at the end of the depressing 80s. Mandela’s release & Italia 90 made that a great time to be in college/starting to work.


Ballybrown’s quest for all Ireland glory hadn’t floated your boat .


I remember watching the coverage of the Berlin Wall coming down from Ridlers. Used to go there an odd time for lunch.


Shergar was horsey-napped


Human rights lawyer Pat Finucane is murdered by British death squad in attack at his home on 12th February 1989. #PatFinucane #Collusion https://t.co/PnKX5oYwiD


30 years ago today


Charlie Flanagan refusing today to release what the Oirish govt discovered about the murder of Aidan today as the info is too sensitive he says… amazing how every last detail of Provo murders are known and speculated on by his party and their sister parties FF and Lab though.


30 years ago today Ray Houghton headed Liverpool into the Sixth Round Proper of the FA Cup with a late winner against Everton at Goodison Park. We haven’t beaten them there in the cup since.

Ray’s crucial goals unfortunately had a nasty tendency to coincide with terrorist outrages against the CNR community.

Sort of a Fenian Aaron Ramsey of his day.


24 February 1993, 25 years ago today, Bobby Moore, England’s World Cup winning captain died.

Heard an interview there recently with Bobby’s old West Ham teammate Harry Redknapp. Harry was talking about how shabbily West Ham treated Bobby in retirement. Never gave him a coaching role or ambassadors role at club. Bobby used to turn up to nearly every West Ham youth team game and reserve team game and they used to charge him at the gate. Tight bastards. They didn’t even give him tickets for the 1980 FA Cup Final. Horrible, horrible club.


'arry was very annoyed about it.


Any right thinking person would be. Shocking treatment of a national treasure and a World Cup winning captain.


Dermot Morgan is dead 20 years ago today.


he was one of the greatest of all time