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Wasn’t he a thief?


I don’t believe so. Think you’ve made another error there. You’re making a lot of errors here of late.


nearly sure he is

robbed stuff on a trip to Colombia and British diplomacy got him off


He was questioned in relation to the disappearance of a bracelet from a shop in Bogota in 1970. Quickly eliminated from police enquiries, no case to answer and no charges were ever brought. In answer to your initial question, wasn’t he a thief? He wasn’t.


He was, diplomacy got him off


Sir Bobby Moore spent the majority of his playing career at the club you recently started supporting, West Ham. If you’re over at a West Ham match any time soon, maybe ask around about the Bogota bracelet. Make sure to share your views on it all with the locals as well.


Was having a bit to eat in Liscannor once, I saw Fr Ted Memorabilia strewn around the place.
Asked the bar person what were the cast like, O’Hanlon & McLynn were sound out but Morgan was a massive wanker apparently who was extremely rude.


25 years ago today, 20 March 1993, one of the big upset wins record by the Ireland rugby team - Ireland 17 England 3.


A great day .



on this day in 2017 Tina Satchwell sent her husband off to lidl in dungarvan before packing her suitcase and saying goodbye to her parrot.




Twitter is 12 years old today. Refuge of some of the weirdest shit around. Great if you use it as a newsfeed though.


Bar tfk the best social media flatform imo.


50 years ago today this was released


Twenty years ago today, 10 April 1998, a defeated IRA/Sinn Fein accepted Her Majesty’s terms of surrender.


So it was a war then? Thanks for clearing that up.


Incredible to log in here this morning to find the pretend sfira lads spent the night of the 20 year anniversary of the surrender of the actual ira to the English by relentlessly goading each other over two english soccer teams.


They spent all of the morning and the afternoon talking about a golfer from Ireland that they apparently don’t like.


14th of April 1999