On this day


No it wasnt


Something about newtown heath?


Different entity altogether. Man U were founded in 1902.


I didn’t want to cheat and Google it…

Didn’t man u’s Norwich like (1992?) away jersey replicate nh’s original jersey?


Manchester United was formed 140 years ago in 1878, as Newton Heath LYR F.C. In 1902 they were saved from a winding up order by local businessmen including John Henry Davis who became club president and changed the name to Manchester United FC.
United celebrated their centenary in 1978.


On this day four years ago - Gerrard slipped, Ba scored and the title was lost.


also on this day, in 1974




that should see him off til the FA cup final


But Denis Law won a league title…?


I’d say relegating united meant more to him.


Strange celebrating a centenary in 1978 when they were only around for 76 years.


It would like claiming to be the same age as your father just because he created you…very strange.


Never played in a European Cup Final, yet alone win one on the field of play.


Denis Law didn’t relegate Manchester United.
It’s a misconception. They were going down even they had beaten Manchester City in that game because of results elsewhere.


On this day in 1974 Denis Law relegated Man Utd.


Optics mate, optics

Never let the facts ruin a good story.


Urban myths are always a bit of craic.


Champions then

Champions now


Don’t let the truth ruin a good narrative