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25 years ago today, Nicky Winmar shows he’s black and he’s proud. An iconic moment, aussie rules eventually destroyed his life, not to mention the racsim still prevalent here.
The Collingwood presidents comments in the aftermath of that game are beyond incredible.



Looks more tanned than black


Are you are that’s not @caoimhaoin


Some similarities alright


“In March 1999, television presenter and former footballer Sam Newman appeared on The Footy Show in blackface after Winmar cancelled an appearance on the show in favour of appearing on a rival network”

Jesus what a backward swamp it is in oz. Yerman didn’t even get fired for that


Australians are savage racists,thats why the trash of Europe goes there to live


Paddy Jackson did the same mate, sadly us the rugby crowd laughed it off

how things may have been different if we punished him that time


Australia is a hoax


You mean Fitzy’s been in Atlantis all this time?


It was convicts and the dregs of the Empire that were sent to Australia with Captain Cook back in the day. A lot of the Eire types who’ve headed over there in the last 20 years would be fairly rough around the edges as well. Its a real eye opener when you go to Australia and see what savages they are. Outside of the better areas of Melbourne and the rugby union community, they’re largely a savage lot.


Sure it’s an outpost of Britain, what did you expect?


Sam Newman is a great bit of stuff.

Jordan peterson would love him.

He is just not PC.

I’d say he couldn’t give a fuck what colour you are. He just does not take himself too seriously.


Mezzanine by Massive Attack was released 20 years ago today (can’t for the life of me paste the link).


Not pc? He’s a horrible racist cunt.



I don’t think he is actually racist at all. He just refused to change his language too suit certain snowflakes


15 years ago today, John O’Shea nutmegged Luis Figo.


116 years ago today - Manchester United F.C. was founded.