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Where’s the option for neither?




Not as underrated as Richie Power but not as overrated as Andrew O’Shaughnessey


I think the man is an animal and if I was picking a team from the entire country, he’d likely be the first name I’d choose

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There’s no grey areas on tfk

You’re either with us or you’re against us

I saw how angry he got at his fiancee on twitter . Made for grim viewing.

There is the answer . He is what he is .

I think rate him probably as highly as he deserves. He’s very very good.

He is excellent at giving massages. Takes it very seriously. We could all learn from him

The best forward in the country. Please close this thread


Would you let him at your wonkledy toe?


Another thread for mute @caulifloweredneanderthal

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No. one in entire game imo. Has surpassed Joe as biggest name too imo

Himself and joe head and shoulders above the rest. Kinda like lebron and mj, one had a longer career of excellence, the other had longer periods of truly exceptional play. Hard call. Right now tj but if you had them both at 18, youd pick joe

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I saw somebody say he’s better than king Henry

Tomatoes tomatos

TJ has carried a terrible KK team to win games they have had no right to win. Shefflin and DJ got to play in great teams where they could go missing or take a break as they needed to. Apart from Matt O’Hanlon in Wexford Park last summer, very few backs have got the better of TJ.

He’d make a better centre back than Joe Canning too - the highest praise I could give any hurler.

Tj Reid was around in 08 wasn’t he? Kilkenny have won five all Ireland since then I think. He was probably a part of the best Kilkenny team ever around 11/12 and coming into his peak around then.