Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


Now that you mention it… i’ve seen the main Garryduff pitch being used for tag rugby … must be an awful sight for hockey lovers.


This is an odd turn of events, how long is it since Astro soccer pitches became commonplace
Soccer teams have used hockey facilities since hockey came off grass


who has what? i’ve been ignoring him for a while, pal… i’ve nothing against hockey, mate… and i was delighted for the girls, it is a great achievement, hopefully they can follow it up at the Olympics.


Very odd indeed… Hockey is in a much worse state than I ever imagined… but i know fuck all about it really except that it’s a niche sport and that seems to be driving you gaga for some unknown reason.


That you talk about wanting a united Ireland but hate all ireland teams, that you hate all Irish protestants but obsess about Liverpool soccer club.

You know I love you big dog but you’re going to have to reconcile some of this stuff before you can truly grow as a person.


I was fervently behind the cricket team’s latest endeavors to qualify for the WC. The audit trail is there… i was right behind these girls and watched the semi-final and i’m not ashamed to say was a little emotional with pride at the end. I’ve no problem with All Island teams, mate… i support the Irish boxing team at the Olympics as another example… that’s a very bizarre statement from you.


Those hockey schools in limerick seemed to adopt a fashion of deck shoes and dress down to the ankles


That’s all schools mate


And …I couldnt give two shites about Liverpool football club? i barely watched their recent European cup final… it’s a bit of mid-winter mild entertainment.


Ok good, we’re making progress. I note you didn’t refute the hatred of the Prods bit but I suppose truth be told I wouldn’t be gone on the orange bastards myself.


Your ignorance of soccer matters, particularly local is telling anyway

The hockey facilities in Limerick are still used by many local soccer clubs but up till 10 years ago there would have been queues going in hour after hour including your own club presumedly


Corbally have had their own astro for a long time now… never trained on a hockey pitch in my life - maybe it was just the clubs I was with… again, you’re probably thinking of Cork more than Limerick.


No I’m thinking of Limerick, when did Corbally open that Astro pitch?


I cant remember, early 00s maybe ---- before that they used to train on the pitch under a few make shift flood lights – they had a pitch where Tesco is now, the auld lad used to manage them… they also did a bit down in the old indoor place where Grove island is now… I wouldnt know much before that as it was well before my time.


I must say I lived in Limerick for over 6 years and I can’t ever recall any sight nor sound of Hockey. Maybe it’s something you’d become more conscious of if you had daughters at school.


Is that a Hockey pitch behind the big wall on the Dock Road that’s next to the Topaz ?


I’d say it’s a very catholic sport in that left handed sticks are illegal. Didn’t ciotogs used to get bate up by priests for being left handed


gaa field I think. I’m almost sure we used to come down from prospect and go over that wall. I think it’s part of Mary I but I could be wrong


It is a hockey pitch,


But after 6 in the winter you’d have 2 junior soccer clubs training in there every hour