Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018




Cowboys and Texans.


If its not his beloved Liverpool he doesn’t want to know.


I’d your own stance based on science :smiley:


i dont have the numbers ---- i’m basing my stance on life experience in the absence of the numbers you’re afraid to share for some reason.


Limerick is and has always been a hardcore hockey city. I don’t know why all of a sudden that this is news to some people. :confused:


So you’re claim that the Hockey pitch in the comp is used only for soccer is based on life experience?


I’ve played soccer on it many, many times, yes.


Do you mean “middle class” in the British sense or did you mean upper middle class / upper class in the Irish sense?
I suppose people with “notions” played hockey in limerick. The rest played soccer, GAA and a bidda junorr rubby


And where would you think that the multiple munster and All Ireland champion teams have been practicing?


Irish… your man is gone bananas because i’m calling it a niche sport. It’s bizarre.


How the fuck would I know, i’m asking you.


You said it’s only used for soccer so I’m asking you?


Apple said - 1 pitch isnt used. That must be the one that’s constantly used for soccer. You’re obviously referring to the second pitch.


Mate, are you new to this soccer lark?
Hockey pitches have been used for all weather soccer training etc since long before I was a boy


He’s typical of the 'Rastooler fuckwits on here. Always talking shite about a united Oireland yet always slags off united Ireland teams and dismisses them as orange bastards because the team is made up of people from all parts of the island.

And then he spends half his days on the Liverpool FC thread obsessing over an English football team with a questionable history towards Irish Catholics.

It probably makes sense in his head.


So munster and All Ireland champions have to share their facilities with lads in off the road for a game of 6 aside?


That’s how it’s always been, those pitches don’t and never have paid for themselves

Is that news to you?


Yes. I presumed they were shitty old practice pitches or pitches no longer used… i didnt think that the elite club players would have to share their pitches with Joe Bloggs… the sport must be in a bad way?


He has you here in fairness @Robert_Emmet.