I did not

The auld lad worked with him for a bit and knew him very well. Said Con was in the chief’s office, but was never in traffic corps.

The auld lad: “I believe when he came to waterford first he used to do point duty and cut a bit of a figure with the public”

Said Con and Pat Fanning were great friends.

I still fancy her

That’s because you’re normal.

Classy lady.

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When was the last time hollywood did a good flim? Its all marvel or star wars or some rehashed franchised shit.


Everything Everywhere All At Once

Such an amazing scene that they didn’t bother their holes with it. This Keoghan fella can’t act, the poor divil.


I haven’t seen this Banshee flick, but from the trailers I have seen, I doubt I will watch it. Lots of non culchie actors trying to put on culchie accents and end up sounding like Americans or British trying to put on culchie accents. It seems like the yanks would love it anyhow and tourism Ireland.

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I finally got to watch The Banshees of Inisherin last night. It’s beautifully shot and well-acted, but paper-thin as a storyline.

I thought young Keoghan was very good in it.

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Beautifully shot
Workmanlike acting
Dreadful script

I learned years ago never to bother watching critically acclaimed films. 99% of the time they are utter scutter


except the latest version of All Quiet on the Western Front


It would make you appreciate being born a hundred odd years later !

Apart from Top Gun Maverick


My mother in law says The Banshees of Inisheerin is rubbish. Her words: “Making the Irish looking like gombeens again”

She’s dead right

Aftersun is an excellent film. Shame for Mescal and Farrell that they are up against Brendan Frasier.

Hollywood loves a redemption arc

The Whale will be my first Fraser movie since Bedazzled. Mmmmm…Bedazzled :star_struck: