Outstanding Meltdowns

Bump. The AppleCrumbled jolly to Japan. Loads of lads losing it.


The rubby is after driving a heap of lads stone mad. Its like a full moon. Fellas chasing their tail and barking at the sky

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Good omen for Black Friday. @Copper_pipe could be producing TV’s for 199 and they haven’t time to take a break and investigate. Flat out vitriol…
The Limerick Way.

A big TFK welcome to @Horsebox

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Massive shoutout to @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac

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I own this thread like the mixer Walsh owns ravenous

hahaha you have them hoppin like sausages in a pan. Well done boy!

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@Sidney is totally not a racist

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You’re the guy defending blackface :grin:


You asked why blackface was racist, with the clear implication that you believe it’s not.

That’s an obvious tacit defence of it.

And if you have to “ask” why blackface is racist, you have a clear problem.

All your posts since have been deflective and obfuscatory on the subject.


Outstanding rant from @cowpat

Muldoons -twee or simple

That would’ve been a great post for the Outstanding Rants thread.

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As a man who knows a meltdown when he sees one, a big sbout out to @maroonandwhite

Because i won’t reply to you? Tag yourself pal

You replied a few times and again here :joy:

Maroonandwhite has been in the right on the club championship thread. He scored a first round knockout of @mac , and should have climbed out of the ring at that point.

Justin Thomas