Outstanding Meltdowns


It’s cute the way you are all watching each other’s back this week.

Next week will be interesting. :popcorn:


it’s telpis.

If you’re going to imitate Limerick slang at least have the grace to get it right.


You’ve been following him every where… Like you did to poor @backinatracksuit when he first landed. It’s bizarre.


@carryharry getting increasingly more desperate in his attempts to be relevant to anything on TFK :smile:


This is very cute.


Having a discussion with words and counter arguments isn’t seething.

You should try it, instead of posting emoji hieroglyphics and tfk buzz words.

if I throw in a few smileys would it make my posts read with less seethe for you?


go on a away there until next May.

If anyone has a question about a fly wheel or flux capacitor they’ll summon you

*shit I forgot



2 replies…& I’m seething.


it takes you so long to type out your replies i get bored

I’d imagine typing with 7 fingers on each hand is difficult


Tbf @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac we’ve had our differences but has incredible ability to get under lads skin. An extremely subtle wum. Fair play.




great post.

Have a Tipperary high 5.


some great reading here


I hope you’re having the week of your dreams my young friend


@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac yet again


I own this thread.


You’re living rent free in at least two heads anyway, fair play :clap:






What thread?