Outstanding Meltdowns


I reckon we’re going to bate the cunts up a stick.

Lot of competition for places after the last day.


You’ve become very bitter the last few months.


Happens every year when the NH season is drawing to a close. Nothing to look forward to until Galway.


I hear there’s going to be a change in selector very soon or else a lot of walk outs. Limerick hurling have a team in New York for the first time in yonks and I’m told many of the younger lads on the panel have been offered jobs, flights, accommodation and what not to head over.


I’m glad to hear that as I thought it was towards me. Don’t forget punchestown.




I’m only tipping along to catch up with my pal @Fagan_ODowd and his new canine friend. Anything after that doesnt matter a fuck in April.


They are being backed with money from a well known local business man. I no another team are splashing the cash in New York too and have also contacted many Limerick players. The lad contacting them would be known to you id imagine Harry.


Be nice to have another day out all the same.


Cheers pal. I will be in the Ardan Ui Riain.


What a great thread


Not lies, there is some truth in any event as I know of one player who is going to NY. Heard last evening.


@HBV , @GeoffreyBoycott


The head on the ballboy around the 12 seconds mark :smile:


David O Russell goes postal on Lily Tomlin on the set of I Heart Huckabees. Go to 1.05 to watch it kick off.



Can someone pull up the Bill O Reilly meltdown.


I hope there’s been another one rather than you merely referring to the “we’ll do it live” one.


This was well before his False News days.


Labane’s Clare Hurlers meltdown is surely up on You Tube.