Outstanding Meltdowns


@The_Most_Infamous appears to have gone on the ran tan last night when he got home from the pub


Labane yesterday. The sabbatical should have mellowed him but he is swinging left right & centre.
He really needs to set up his own forum.


I must admit when I looked yesterday morning I saw LameBans avatar and in my drowsy state I though it was @KinvarasPassion that was back. I was disgusted to realise it was that other fucking tool.
Realising it was him was a bit like walking up to the notice board at work the day of the grand national sweep and seeing you’ve been drawn a 250/1 shot while hoping to get the fav.


More info please.


Unsurprising you haven’t the balls to tag me after the beating you received yesterday.


Quelle surprise, another Tipp hero with no balls.



It’s the internet you freak.


@labane1917 has half the board rattled :joy:


Harry the sheep is still at it I see :smile:


Don’t be a hypocrite, pal.

Were ye all texting in each other in advance of the masse return?


Texting? Welcome to 1995 harry


“texting in” “masse return” :joy:

Rattled into writing in pidgin English / French


Have the Nogra a whatsapp group?


Would seem so. An advanced Militia this crowd. :smile:


Ww2 enigma machines


Herr Harry has smashed the code it seems,


Harry wouldn’t crack a box of cornflakes


The Nogra boys have a plan for you pal, be on your guard.



I’m from Limerick, kid… A city well versed in the art of war.


Death by boredom, mate?