Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


No surprise. Rugby and cricket’s pro apartheid stance is well known I thought.


Whose side are you on TSG? :thinking:

@The_Selfish_Giant is pro digital rape.

& West Brit to the core.

I want to clean up rugby mate, move forward to a brighter inclusive future for my sport

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You’d think someone would have gone through his twitter to see if he said or did anything stupid in the last while.
Obviously none of his followers had any issue with it the first time around

Non story lads, it’s only the guys getting ready for a disco.
There’s four young wans in my house now and they’re the very same.


I’m fairly sure it got national coverage at the time.

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in
Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove.

Have you seen your average Irish woman getting dolled up for a wedding. Racists the lot of them.


Application to lift media reporting restriction on Monday.

Fuck sake

Deary me

That will be my halloween costume this year. Go dressed as an Irish ruby player holding a roast on a spit.

Trophy, wives and girlfriends…

Paddy has released a statement

I am ashamed that a young woman who was a visitor to my home left in a distressed state. This was never my intention and I will always regret the events of that evening.

I am also truly sorry for engaging in a WhatsApp group chat which was degrading and offensive and I apologise unreservedly for this.

The criticism of my behaviour is fully justified and I know I have betrayed the values of my family and those of the wider public.

Following the trial I have taken time to reflect with my family on the values that were such an integral part of my upbringing, the most important of which is respect. My departure from these values has caused understandable public anger and I am resolutely committed to returning to those principles.


Very touching words there

Is this yawnfest still a thing?