Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


Cool. You were wrong, I was right. Thanks.


Guaranteed there was a pay off. That’s how these things work.


Or the teo signing


Looking forward to @Tim_Riggins showing us their glossy 2018 AFS


At most a couple of hundred thousand.

Probably material to a far smaller organisation like the FAI but not to the IRFU.


You’re a dick, and art isn’t.


Jeez flatty, why don’t you say what you really think…


Isn’t that what has the lads in trouble as it is?


The two lads are famous, the contract termination is even on the BBC World Service news.


Ah, but I’m right, and that’s all that counts on the INTERNET. :grin:

This is senior hurling.


This is senior hurling.

Why do you keep trying to drag it down to Junior B so?


Revocation of a contract is a legal term that means mutual cancellation.




Recession covers similar ground alright but more usually used where a contract is part performed and rescind is attempt to put parties back to same place as if contract never existed.


Ffs um. I gave you a like for that.


I am right.


Keep the like then. Art?


But it all depends on the terms of separation and if there was compo paid by either party


Yep, don’t revoke or resile from it


No repudiation or renouncing