Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


Ok guys, dress up time is over, you can both stop pretending to be lawyers.


Are rugby players engaged as employees on fixed term contracts or self employed?


Sure it’s all a carbolic smoke ball!


A certain poster is As annoying as a snail in a bottle of ginger beer


Cc @artfoley


Told ye that yesterday. Have none of ye ever fired someone but needed to make it relatively painless?


Told who that? I said it about 20 times but our legal counsel wasnt listening. It was as obvious as anything this is what had happened


What time will the protest marches start at. I can see that cunt Coppinger writing her placard already


I think that’s what everyone expected but the statements were phrased in a way that caused doubt as to whether a pay-off occurred.


You were well ahead of the curve as usual…shame none of our rubby experts would listen to you.


Well you’re hardly going to advertise it.


Cheers pal.


Ruth Coppinger is living rent free in your mind, pal. :grin:


Squatting more like


It’s unsavoury but I think you have to reference his Australian jaunt to get rid of him


Nah. I might not agree with him but I don’t go that low. He has never gone that low with me either


The first post on this yesterday said they were paid out their contracts.


There’s no need to reference your own living conditions. That’s already assumed.



Whatever Sidney.


Interesting enough in the full indo article it states that the internal review would have led to a disciplinary process. This would have been a drawn out process and they would have missed the transfer window into france and uk and the wage caps would have been hit. So they got the squeeze put on them big time and had fuck all choice but agree to do a deal.