Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


They are free speech. That doesn’t mean they didn’t violate an employment contract.

You’re now comparing Noeline Blackwell’s opinion that you don’t like, on a radio programme, to the the “top shaggers” messages.

You really have lost it.




Sleeping on the job, mate? You should be sacked.


fine, ill compare the WhatsApp messages to your thoughts on here to that poor bird in oz.

should you be subject to any sanctions, if you had a job?


Ha, ha, you really have lost it…:grin:


Your daily thumpings on here and occasional like from TSG seem to be the highlight of your existence, have a good day.


hoist by your own picard.

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And you just got thumped, mate.

Deal with it.


Tough luck art. You’re just one of several posters I’ve defenestrated today, so you have plenty of company in licking your wounds.

Try not to make any more rape jokes while you’re working with complainants in rape trials, by the way. That’s serious professional misconduct and if it ever got out, you could need an employment lawyer.


the closest you’ve ever come to defenestrating anyone is when you’ve logged out of windows.

the game is over, see you next time, when I can be bothered to fry you ,like the little mushroom you are.


Button it, art. For your own sake.


There is one recipient of the Findlater Scholarship which dates from 1877 who regularly posts here.


A family member of mine picked up a subject prize one upon a time.


Noeline must be so in control of all the rape cases in her own jurisdiction that she is spending so much time commenting on a certified non rape in another jurisdiction.


Pretty slick combover.


You do have to almost remind yourself that Paddy and Stuart are innocent men, acquitted unanimously by a jury of their peers. Now an alliance of bankers (who bankrupted the Eire state and caused it to lose its sovereignty) and work shy layabout snowflakes after all their wailing, screeching and protests at the outcome of a fair trial got them nowhere have lobbied to deny two young men their livelihoods and most likely force them to emigrate.

The Ulster and Ireland rugby community is a big loser here as well, the hard working club volunteers, club members, coaches and supporters of Ulster and Ireland rugby denied the services and skills of two of our brightest young talents and the opportunity to see them in Ulster and Ireland colours.

Contrast what happens to innocent rugby players with unblemished records to what happens to miscreants and felons in scummy soccer. Eric Cantona of Man U, Tony Adams of Woolwich and Jan Molby of Liverpool were all convicted of criminal offences by courts in the UK in the early 1990’s. Adams and Molby got jail. Their clubs couldn’t get them back on the pitch fast enough once they were released. Do soccer player not have gross misconduct clauses in their contracts? Mike Tyson an actual convicted rapist couldn’t get be got of jail quick enough and back into a boxing ring.

Even in the amateur sphere of GAA, in recent years we’ve seen players convicted of criminal offences lining out for their clubs and counties within weeks of conviction.


Im listening to Radio 1 here and Ray Darcy is leading the tributes to the ‘lovely gentleman’ Paul McGrath.
The same Paul McGrath who is a self confessed wife beater, the Oirish soccer hero. he was bating one of his wives and she had to get a baring order agin him. he then drank a bottle of domestos.


A few years ago Raheem Sterling of Liverpool FC went to court over an alleged assault of his girlfriend.

Jon Flanagan is the same club recently was convicted of assault of his girlfriend.

I wonder did our resident snowflake take such an interest in those cases and the integrity of that employer?


why would our residents snowflake pick random sports stars from foreign countries to worry about?


I don’t remember you mentioning it, come to think of it…