Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


Wonder how long before someone goes back and looks at the Munster spitroasting situation from 2015…


I heard the lads were lawyering up to fight this even before the verdict came in. Ulster must have decided at least a month ago that it would be impossible for them to ever play again. A deal must have been done.


“I am deeply disappointed about the outcome of the IRFU and Ulster Rugby’s internal review”


Regrettably, influences outside of my contractual arrangement have made it impossible for that to happen.


The messages while private became public knowledge due to an incident they were involved in. I’ve no concern re it but they can’t complain if it was viewed in bad taste and poor behaviour when put into the public sphere. They’ve learned a tough lesson, While operating in the public eye, don’t put into writing something which may be viewed unfavourably if it makes its way into the public consciousness. The other two were lucky, but at the same time, no complaints were made against them and no such messages were read out in a court of law. Different cases.


So be it. When you’re in the public eye you get judged by different standards.


I’m lead to believe they have a code of conduct as players with both teams.


The franchise


The only sensible viewing of it really, all parties ‘happy’ to deal with it and move on.


I’d be interested to see if such a code of conduct exists and, if so, whether it existed back in 2015.

On an unrelated note, if the boys were to sue ironically, the first thing they should look for is the texts and emails of the reviewers.


While the boys of course could fight the decision, the subsequent pay off and desire to simply put it all behind them is a entirely understandable course of action given their contract situations. If the IRFU don’t want you, you may as well sling your hook in this country.

Codes of conduct are de rigeur in many sporting organisations for some Time now, I’d be shocked if a professional setup didn’t have one in this day and age.


Oh I agree, the point I was making, possibly a bit too subtly, was the application of the code. If these lads on the fringes got the bullet for spit roasting related activities, you’d wonder about the fairness when the first pick Ireland lads in another province didn’t get the bullet


You weren’t as subtle a little while ago…


Not as subtle but still discreet :slight_smile:


Understandable, and the boys can find themselves very lucky perhaps, but the IRFU can point to a simple distinction between the cases of one being consensual or not going to the courts at the very least, while the other was disputed, rightly or wrongly and ended up in a court of law, and all that entailed.


In which case the verdict is all that matters


Still think IRFU is on exceptionally thin ice here, irrespective of code of conduct, especially if that code is not enforced in a fair and impartial manner.

Also, the IRFU taking morality lessons from a bank? WTF


The boys are free dispute the decision, as is their right. Again, if you are in the public eye, rightly or wrongly, you are held to a higher standard. It’s why you or I can speak whatever shite we like on twitter but a Division 4 inter county footballer will be expected to conduct himself in a manner befitting the jersey or organisation he represents.


It was decided a long time ago they wouldnt be back id say. PJ was supposed to have a pre contract lined up in uk


As someone stated earlier, they are possibly gambling somewhat but had an understanding from the players over an outcome which was agreed upon before the statements. I suspect all are ‘happy’ to simply move on.

As for the sponsor, money talks.