Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


It can’t be solely the messages as the basis for revoking the contracts as by that logic Gilroy’s would be revoked too.

Hard to tell conclusively from the statements if it was a unilateral action but language like “revoke” suggests no deal done. I suspect the IRFU are in a grey enough area legally but decided it was worth the risk.


I only know 1 person who believe they are rapists. Everybody i know think they are massive arseholes. Same thing in some people’s minds I suppose.


Yeah, but you only know one person.




It’s all about the brand bro’


Probably paid the remaining time on the contracts up in full.


That’s the take from most rational people alright.


So the 50 headbangers who went marching in a few cities don’t represent “most” of the country, kid? That’d be my take on it too.


You’re not very good at counting.


Maybe they need their head examined if they need to use signal in the first place?


Must have been in the millons so if most of the country mate?


I didn’t see millions out protesting the innocence of the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six.

Did you? :grin:


Sorry I don’t see the connection, bud?


I know. You don’t see much.


Yeah, it would be strange to have a misunderstanding of the criminal justice system in another jurisdiction. :roll_eyes:

So while you’re up on your high horse did you ever send the girl who was the subject of your tampon sucking fantasy an email setting out what you’d posted here

You know, in case people thought you were a hypocrite in spouting forth on the rugby WhatsApp messages.


Ooooffffffttttt and ouch!


Now, now, you were caught out on a basic point as regards your understanding of the criminal justice system.

Deal with it.


Ok mate.


In northern Ireland. There, I’ve dealt with it.

Now you deal with your misogynistic tampon sucking rape fantasy hypocrisy


There was definitely a deal done. Look at the lads statements. Not a word of rancour