Padraig Harrington


He is a squeaky voiced oddball


Of course he is, everyone who plays golf is an oddball. No exceptions


I wonder if he really believes half the shite he comes up with. Surely he’s not gullible enough to swallow his own tripe? It’s only chartered accountants and the like are stupid enough to take his ramblings seriously.


I don’t know kid. I’m just glad it’s golf he chose. Otherwise the "murders in Ireland "thread coulc be well overloaded


I presume this means Caroline (Bostik) will be a vice-captain?


Think Podrick is an accountant himself. Not sure if he’s ACA though.


He’s one of your own alright


This explains a lot


Being Ryder Cup captain is just picking good golfers to play golf, yeah? Like, I dont see how there can be tactics or skill involved in being captain. The payers are even ranked for ya.


You need to be a solid interior designer. Very important to set up the team room correctly. McGinley’s blue and yellow goldfish tank was a master stroke but Clarke’s framed Winston Churchill quotes backfired.


Padraig is sound.





Being Captain of the Fenagh wrenboys is a much trickier gig than this golf shit.
Your selection of music choice /singing/recitations /comedy shots must be carefully decided in advance of venue selection.
Then there’s the added burden of keeping performers sober over a 12 hour gig on a St. Stephen’s Day in the throes of merriment, the responsibility of accounting for money collected, ensuring nobody gets left behind… Unending.
Harrington has it handy in fairness.


Dublin GAA Feng Shui guru Dr. Diarmuid Couch must be a shoo-in to be part of the backroom staff, especially with Harrington’s GAA connections.

As an aside, I hope the 2020 match will see a return of the nickname “The War On The Shore”, it being the first Ryder Cup match since 1991 to take place on a shore of a major body of water.


Christ I’m getting old I can remember watching the great Seve starting a row with Azinger in the Friday foursomes over what ball they were using. The Yanks were 3 up at that stage and went to shite after it.




Azinger is a vile piece of shit*. In fact pretty much all US golfers bar Patrick Reed are.

I hope their plane home after the 2022 Ryder Cup loses air pressure and flies on on auto pilot for several hours with the whole team unconscious inside, before crashing into the sea off Spitsbergen.

*I did like him on BBC’s US Masters coverage.




Alright, alright, I just hope they die in their sleep like Nacho Novo.