Partick v Celtic ☘

Sublime feet from The Wizard.

Edouard doesn’t get his shots off early enough for my liking, the on real weakness in his game.

Rogic has been superb.

Frimpong is annoying me. Wrap your foot around that ball, young man. If you’re checking inside then wrap your foot around that ball. He’s so predictable at the minute.

Obvious penalty there. Craigan talking shite.

Kenny Miller does a Morelos.

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Could do without Simunovic gifting them any more chances. Understandably rusty but twice he’s gone to win a ball in the air and let them in behind as a result

Big Julie is some threat at set plays.

Class feet from The Wizard again.

Rogic has been criminally underused by Lennon this season. He needs to be a mainstay in this team, his class and quality stick out like a sore thumb. Domestically he has a deciding influence in the big games on a consistent basis.

Pretty poor from Celtic in the last while. Should make the last two subs.

Ntcham didn’t really burst himself to get back there.

The debut bhoy about to come on.

2 zip.

Get Edouard off now.


Rogic was the best player on the pitch by a mile tonight.

Initial impression on Patryk is headless chicken.

I found Greg Taylor really annoying tonight. One of these annoying little jocko gimps, full of hand gestures when his shit passes go astray.

Thought Taylor was good tonight and brought loads of energy.

Crazy decision for the pelanty there when he didn’t give the one in the first half.

What a bizarre piece of refereeing.