Passport renewal


Would it be possible to get a new passport within two weeks lads?


Yes but sort it out today to be sure. There’s a fee but you can get it done.




To elaborate, if you filled in all the forms and made your way to the office and sat it out, they would do it for you within the day normally.But with 2 weeks you should have plenty time to send it with the passport express envelope.


Thanks lads. Will get on it today.


I’d still be going in to do it rather than by mail if you have the chance.

To be even more sure if you bring in proof of your travel dates then they’ll definitely do it and will organise a collection time and everything.


A friend of mine has suddenly found out that he has lost his passport. What are the chances of him getting a replacement by the close of business on Tuesday? He’s supposed to be travelling on Wednesday morning. And no, it isn’t me.


very good- i was travelling on a saturday afternoon & realised friday night i lost it

got forms signed by the police on the friday night ,went to the dept of foreign affairs & had my passport by 10 that day


Find someone who knows someone who works in the passport office. Worked for me.
If you lose it abroad you can get a temporary one done at the Irish embassy so I’m sure you can do similar here…?


thats what i got


Fuck’s sake - false alarm - I am hereby outing the Fawlty character as a YBIG member. Somebody here called them simpletons. They are right.


Lads anyone needing a new passport would want to apply now, renewals are taking up to a month in Dublin even with express. 15 working days in Cork.

I’m on the borderline for a Friday flight. Supposed to be posted tonight or tomorrow :confounded:

Only got that far after I rang about 25 times yesterday. Phones turned off and you aren’t given the option to hold.

Anyone know if you have to sign for a passport on delivery?


No, but I’d be very surprised if you weren’t supposed to. Depends on the postie.
When I got “formally” engaged (had got informally engaged after a night on the ale), I wanted to formally ask her in Ireland. Trouble was, I had bought a diamond, but it was being set in a ring when we left for home. This was all a bit rushed, my parents had never met her, but we had the venue booked etc etc.
anyhow, I explained the situation to the diamond merchant, who was arranging the ring as well, and he said he would reluctantly post it registered, but wouldn’t be responsible and it wouldn’t be insured bla bla bla.
I asked my dad to keep a watch for it in case it got there before we did, so he asked the postie and told him the score.
The next day, the postie turned up with the ring, now unwrapped, in his trouser pocket and said to my dad "wait til you see the size of this fucking thing"
I rang the jeweller to thank him, and he was horrified saying it had been “security wrapped” when posted, and was in several layers of tape, bubble wrap and paper, and in a large security sealed brown envelope.
The postie has retired to be replaced by an equally lovely man. I rest easier knowing they keep a watch on the folks, and the comings and goings.
They’d not know or likely care if you were dead in the driveway here.


You can go collect it as far as I am aware.


I could if I was in Cork.


Correct, or if you have means of transportation of getting to Cork.


I’ve it nearly sorted, they rang me there and I or someone else can collect Thursday afternoon, in fairness to them since I got through yesterday the process has been very quick.
If they just gave a realistic indication of how long it’ll take there wouldn’t be half the hassle.


Mrs Taz went into the Passport office on Friday to see where her passport renewel is. She couldn’t get through on the phones. We are flying to New York on Saturday so have to complete that ISTA form, didn’t know you needed one of those biometric Passports, hers was still in date but wasn’t a biometric passport. She was called today to say that the passport would be in the post today.

Is the passport ever not busy?


According to their twitter the volume for February is unprecedented, I’d say that is a fairly stock line.


Real late late show here from taz and Julio here. Could ye not have got organised a bit earlier.