Passport renewal




I think with the new stock coming in to Kildare Village for the Spring/Summer collection their sick leave roster gets very busy in February.


What’s the process for applying for a new one? My own one expires in the summer. Have you to get the cops to sign something or other? And then you just rock up to your local post office with the form?

To be fair every cunt getting his/her passport renewed will be doing so with a week or two to their next holiday. This is why there is pandemonium as they’re not allowing the requisite 2-3 weeks for the process to run its course.


As long as they’re out spending money, stoking the local economy it’ll all be ok.
I think the proper term for it is retail therapy.


I was organised but the Mrs nor I realised that you need one of these biometric passports for the going to the States and this only came to light when Mrs Taz was filling in the ISTA form. She still had a year left on her passport.


What are you on about biometric passport? Ive been to the states recently and just had my bog standard passport (9yrs old).

You need an ESTA as well which is their visa


Biometric passports have additional info stored in a microchip in the front of them. They came out in late 06 I believe.


@Julio_Geordio can you explain in as little words as possible what to do to get passport renewed. Can you do it in the post office? Presume you just need the fee, your passport, a few passport sized photos and fill out a form? Or have the guards to sign something too?


get form, fill it out, get photos, get photos signed by guards, go to post office


The brother had a weekend break booked for this weekend but found out that his passport was out of date. Apparently the good folk of Molesworth street book in 20 emergency passports a day by appointment.


The passport office is on Lower Mount Street. Did the brother use the same connections that sorted the extension a few years back… No forms needed eh???

For the record, I got mine in 24 hours a few weeks back but I queued up at Lower Mount Street. If you have your flight details with your form they’ll do it quick.


Tis handy enough get it done. You’ll be waiting for it though about three weeks


What sort of a fucking eejit is he.


A big fucking eejit? He’s the creative type. Barely remembers to put his pants on but is a creative genius.


At least. We were waiting about 5-6 weeks for one of kids’ passport earlier this year


Just got mine renewed, the whole process took about 6 weeks


Renewed my passport on 11 April via Passport Express. I’m due to fly next Wednesday.

I’m fucked, amn’t I ?


Stroll into (make an appointment first) the passport office for yourself.


I can’t get in touch with them to make an appointment.


You’ll have to just head in there so.