Passport renewal


Try twitter. Apparently quicker to respond through that medium


Who’s your local TD?


I collected my new passport today guys.


I’m absolutely delighted for you


Thanks mate.

I’m off to The Roodee tomorrow.


Pulling strings in the new job already db? You weren’t long figuring out how it works. Best of luck in the CAB - hope it goes well for you.


Just completed an online application for one of the lads there. Great job, ten minutes.


Passport received in the post today. Rapid turnaround. Well done to all concerned.


Just need to get him capped now


That will be the second lad.


Seamus MacSwanski


What’s the turnaround time like these days? Doesn’t expire until the end of May but I hear there’s a bad backlog.


Use the online service and you’ll have it in jig time.


within 10 days no problem if online


I got one for one of the lads in a week online between Christmas and Nrw Year. But he is eighteen. I sent in a paper application for the fifteen year old mid January and didn’t get it yet. Also the tracking number from the application isn’t visible in the system. I was worried that the documents got lost in the post and rang the embassy. They said they got the application but that there is a two month backlog. Thank you Brexit.


Just did mine in recent weeks. Took 3 weeks all in using passport express.


Was this with the online service?


Online for me was about 6 days I think a couple of months ago.

It may well be the best product/service I’ve ever done. Also I look ammaaaaaaazzzziinnnggg in my photo.


You look great hun


Yeah the service seems to be very good. Very well designed. I’m travelling on Apr 6th and then on May 21st so I’ll gamble on it arriving some time in between. Although I’m wondering at what point does your current passport become invalid? As in can I still travel on my current one until I receive the new one?