Passport renewal


Just apply online now and stop fannying about and you’ll have it in loads of time.


April 6th is only 10 working days away. And I’ll be travelling back on the 9th. So if it arrives in that time frame I’d need to know how it works.


You don’t give back the old one so you’re fine. Just use that until you get the new one.


No through the post office


If you Fly Ryanair isn’t a Drivers Licence enough proof? ( or is that Aerlingus )


Sent away to get mine renewed yesterday and the estimated issue date is 23rd of April. :wave:


By post or online?




Why not online?


Who told you that time frame? The Passport Office has lost a lot of days due to snow etc, timelines are gone back further than the Post Office are saying/aware.


I put my tracking number into the online tracker and that’s what it threw back at me.


The mother got the form for me and had it all filled out :sweat_smile:


Informative. A friend works in the passport office and its currently carnage in there.


The lady in the post office said 15 working days and the passport site said 6 weeks. We’ll wait and see…


So two day delay to normal expected timelines so … Anything else would be pushing the snow line a bit too hard


They were already behind. However dont underestimate the utter incompetence of the civil servant and desire to seek any excuse


I was told 2-3 months.


For comparison, a friend filled out an online application last night and it says the estimated issue date is the 16th of April and it has already been sent for printing.

Mine still at the application received stage…


Need a passport for Ryanair for all flights.

You can do a Drivers License for Aer Lingus if going to the UK


I told you to do it online.